Luke Chapter 24

Jesus joined two disciples traveling to Emmaus as they walked along preoccupied with their troubles. They were concerned more that with Jesus’s disappearance, now Israel could not be redeemed.  So much so that they did not recognize Jesus.  Far from their mind was what they had been told before about the resurrection and why it would take place.  Jesus had words with the disciples, asking them about being so self absorbed.  As Jesus broke bread with them, it was then that it dawned on them that this was Jesus.  Jesus knew they needed a sign. Jesus was annoyed yet he never gave up on the disciples. He gave them what they needed to move forward in their faith.  If we recall our past, I am sure that we can see ourselves in this passage.  May we pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and strength to decipher the Lords prompts and Devine words so we too can grow our faith every day.