John Chapter 9

This chapter makes me think of how many times I have chosen to be blind. And the longer I stayed blind, the more I didn’t even realize that I was blind

My family came to faith when I was in middle school, and I loved church! But after high school, life changed and I was now out in the world on my own. I made one bad choice after another. By the time I realized what a mess I had made of my life, I was married with 3 children and was a regular substance abuser.  My children were wonderful little humans, but my life and marriage were a mess. I had chosen to be blind, and now my blindness affected the little people whom I loved so much. I had to make a choice—stay blind or choose to see.

I am delighted to say that I chose to see. It was a long hard battle, but I wasn’t alone. One of the first steps I made was to put Jesus first, above everything else. Substances left my life and a new journey began.

It’s been over a decade since the blinders came off, and every day I am grateful that “power of God could be seen” (v3) and for his redeeming love that saved me from a life of blindness.