2 John

2 John

After reading 2nd John a few times, it occurred to me that I was reading a very short and simple message that was written, most likely by a leader in the church as in today's day and age, an elder is just that.  Elders did shepherd, oversee, lead and give care within the church and were usually more seasoned and mature leaders .   So even though we don't know who  the author of this letter is,  he was probably addressing a church he was sending a message to as the "chosen lady" and "her children" were considered the congregants.   

He  sent this letter reminding them of their commitment to faith and love and the obedience of practicing it while warning them of "deceivers" who would come to spread falsehoods and to be cautious themselves by not letting these others to influence them and stated that although he recognized that some of the members  of the Christian community were walking and living according to the truth, that  he didn't want them to be tempted by those who challenged and opposed Christians who held fast to apostolic Christian ideals.

He finishes the letter off stating that he wants to come and speak to them in person which makes so much more sense than to just write out Christ's teachings.  When we gather together as a body of Christ,  we are united in his presence receiving the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

God has determined that the best possible way for his to people to grow in grace and knowledge of Him is within the local church.  This is where through fellowship, we share the lives of one another, through communion we celebrate Christ's death by breaking bread together, through prayer we love and support each other and through service, we spread the love God. 

By claiming Christ by faith, we are to be disciples ourselves and we are to make disciples and the best way to fulfill this duty is to be an active part of a local body of believers.  It is through this process that we learn how to be humble when we serve other people. We learn to let go and rely on faith as we deal with the daily struggles of life and best of all, by being in a local body of Christ where we can travel together, our conceit, pride, selfishness and ego are chipped away piece by piece because we stay present in the love of Christ.