Week of 9/8/19 - Pages 81 - 88

The book of Ruth tells the story of God’s working in ways we cannot always see and understand.  Because of a famine in the land, an Israelite woman named Naomi moves to the neighboring country of Moab with her husband and two sons to find food.  They settle there and the son’s marry Moabite women.  Soon her husband and sons die and Naomi is left with her two daughter’s-in-law.  One returns to her homeland and  Ruth and Naomi need to return to Judah (Naomi’s homeland) to continue to live.  There they meet a man named Boaz who becomes their family redeemer.  Through Boaz, and the love and faithfulness of Ruth, the story depicts God’s faithfulness to his covenant promise to the Israelites.  

The book is primarily a story of Naomi’s transformation from despair to happiness through the selfless, God-blessed acts of Ruth and Boaz.  She moves from emptiness to fullness, from destitution to security and hope.  The book of Ruth shows that David’s Moabite ancestor was a woman of true faith in the God of Israel.  

The genealogy at the end of the book lists ten generations leading up to King David.  In Jesus, the great “son of David” and his redemptive work, the promised blessings of he kingdom of God find their fulfillment.

Praise Jesus!