Week of 5/5/19 - Pages 171-184

Ok, this is kind of humorous. Giving the rule follower (me) the opportunity to blog about the ultimate rulebook of rulebooks.

I’ve read Leviticus a few times in my life, and the results have been mostly the same for me. Why all the rules? I get it the rules set out by God for his people in those days pretty much kept His people alive. One thing that I am still amazed and reminded of is Gods detail in the smallest of things and the gravity of not following His directives especially when it came to His temple and the Holy of Holies. Or when His people were to move into a new land that God deemed defiled.

But something hit me this time, and I am sure that it’s because we came off of the New Testament Challenge last year, but this time I found Jesus here. For example when Jesus cured the leper in Luke 17:14 he told the one healed to “Go and let the priest examine you.” Can you imagine the priest when the leper showed up? I’m pretty sure that he had to scratch his head wondering why there was this rush in leaper examinations and cures.

Yes, I confess that Leviticus is not on par with a Tom Clancy novel and will never be made into a blockbuster movie but, Leviticus is still profoundly relevant the way it deals with sin and the results of sin.