Week of 3/31/19 - Pages 105-117

Choosing to Worship and NOT Complain    

In our reading this week, the Israelites observe countless miracles from God (daily food provisions, pillars of fire, water from a rock, parting of the Red Sea etc.) and yet they continually gripe whenever life got a little tough.  Moses and Aaron caught the brunt of it all and took the peoples complaints to God on their behalf… and every time, God answered with another miracle.

When we read the story, it appears as everything happened back to back and in quick succession, however, in reality, these events occurred over 40 years. That's a LONG time. This year I celebrate my 40th birthday… and it's fair to say, a LOT has happened within my last 40 years! I’ve reached many milestones, had great success and endured my fair share of epic failures. But like the Israelites, I’m often quick to forget the miracles God has done throughout my life and often resort to complaining about my current circumstances.

In our reading, God commanded the Israelites to “build an altar wherever I cause My name to be remembered, and I will come to you and bless you”. In other words, God is saying, “Build something to remember Me by, whenever I turn up and perform a miracle in your life. That way you can return to this place, remind yourself of what I’ve done and you’ll receive faith to trust Me for the future.” 

Of course!! Makes total sense right?

So why don’t we do it?

Why do we forget to journal an event or build something creative and put it in a place we traffic regularly that reminds us of what God has done in our lives? Why do we get so busy and forget to do this vitally important thing God has commanded us? Especially when God promises to bless us every time we return and remember what He did!

The encouragement I received from our reading this week is to go back to those memories in the past where God has provided, where He performed a miracle in my life and create mementos or something that will cause me to remember His goodness whenever I see it. I want the blessings God promises when we remember Him in worship.

When I worship, it's amazing how quickly the complaints disappear!