Week of 2/10/19 - Pages 14-26

The story of Abraham is a powerful one. It is one of faithfulness to God. There is a point in the story where God tells Abraham that he will have another son. At this time in his life he was old. He was about 100 years old. His wife was about 90. When both of them heard the news that they would have a son, they were in disbelief. They doubted what God told them. At one point in the story God responds by saying, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” When I read this, I paused. I probably read it 5-10 times and just focused on it. We often forget of the power and might of God. We forget that God can do all things. Dwell on that. He can do ALL things. There is no need to doubt, worry, fear, or be anxious about anything because the God of Abraham is the same God we know and love today. This same God is capable of all things, and even more importantly, He loves you and me. He loves beyond our understanding. When we humble ourselves, and think about the greatness of God, we are left in total wonder.