Philippians Chapter 3

Philippians 3 NLT - The Priceless Value of Knowing Christ

We have all been there, hoped for a good outcome, hoped for a wonderful dream to come true. We have even gone as far as praying for and hoping, ok negotiating with the Lord that if he would just bless us with…that one thing, all would be grand. The reality is all of these things are just things that we desire for the moment, a temporary fix, because the world tells us we need it, we want it. In reality we were made for more. We should not focus on the physical things rather we should be putting our hope and focus on HIS promises. 

After reading this chapter, I was filled with a sense of Hope. Philippians 3 is filled with valuable truths that we need to hold on too and tuck into our hearts. Here are my takeaways:

No matter what, rejoice in the Lord and it will guard our faith. 

Keep guard and do not fall prey to the ways of the world.

Christ Jesus, is our true treasure.

Let go of the past, it’s a hinderance and gets in the way of God’s works.

Put all Hope and Faith in the Lord, for his ways are righteous and true.

Focus on Him and what he has done, be willing to carry your cross every day.

We are a work in progress.

Don’t look back, keep moving forward, for our day will come to be with Him. 

Verses 18-20 stood out the most because of Paul’s heartfelt plea that we stay on guard and to hold on to our faith. He reminds us to not fall for those who distract us or try to entice us to follow the ways of the world. V.19 says, “They are headed for destruction. Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and they think only about this life here on earth.” Paul tells we are not of this world, but are citizens of heaven. Paul loves the Lord and the mission he was commanded to do, so much so that he didn’t allow his circumstance of being in jail stop him from rejoicing in the Lord and sharing the Good News with the Philippians. His words reassure us that we were meant for greater things. This chapter is filled with words that a parent would share with their children, an elder or a mentor would say to a dear friend. It’s a reminder that through Christ we are made new.  It’s a warning to not fall back into our old ways or allowing the past to dictate the way we should be. Rather it a guide for what we should hold on too, the truth that our worth is in Jesus and we should let go of the past. I am filling my heart with the Hope that comes from Christ Jesus, are you?