Ephesians Chapter 5

Today's chapter can be summed up into 4 parts which we will dive into. Walk in love; Walk in light; Walk in wisdom and Marriage/Christ and the church.

Walk in love.

Imagine all the things in this world that would change if we simply walked in love? Go ahead and take a moment and reflect on this…

Famine would be erased because people would share their food and water. War would be a thing of history because love always puts the other first and keeps no records of wrongs. Homelessness would be eradicated, human trafficking erased and much of the suffering in this world would be alleviated. 

We are called by God to walk in this radical love, even when it's not reciprocated or when it's hard to give. Love should be the fruit of our existence.

Walk in light

Light is beautiful, light is truth, and the light will set us free. What areas of your life need the exposure of the light of Gods grace? 

At first, light in a dark room will be bright and can cause some pain, however, freedom is found in the light. 

We are called to be messengers of light, how might God use you to shine the light in some dark places?  Ponder this for a moment in light of love and Gods grace.

Walk in wisdom

We are warned in the scripture that the day in which we live gravitates towards evil. That human nature loves sin and brings with it much destruction and ultimately leads to death. 

Wisdom is the power from God to understand right and wrong and to follow truth. Wisdom comes from God, but we must choose it. It's a daily decision to trust God, to throw off foolish ways and to be filled with the Spirit. The promise is that walking in wisdom will bring great joy and happiness, and a heart that sings songs to the Lord. 

What decisions are you facing today that require Gods wisdom? 

Marriage/Christ and the church

In our individualistic culture, submission is often seen as a weakness. However, God paints a different picture and says that submission in love actually brings freedom. 

Submission to God acknowledges that He is all powerful, all knowing and in total control. It is the antidote to worry and fear.

Husbands and wives submitting and loving each other in this tandem waltz, brings a deeper love and a profound sense of security. It defuses the falsehood of individualism and when God is placed in the center of the relationship, the scripture says this cord of three strands, cannot be broken.

Christ demonstrated this on the cross when He laid down His life for His bride… the church. Because of this, we as believers now have eternal life, a relationship with God and the gift of the Holy Spirit who now resides in us. 


With joy today, submit to God the areas of your life that you’ve been holding onto. Take time to mend broken relationships and enjoy the freedom that comes from obedience.