1 Corinthians Chapter 4

In this chapter Paul is lovingly yet firmly addressing judgment. He is an effective teacher as he not only instructs yet includes himself in this instruction. He humbly asks us to regard him as a servant of God and not someone who is preaching out of his own desires. He goes on to teach a very valuable lesson of keeping it real. in other words, realizing that all we bring to the table to honor God has been given to us and did not occur of our own power. How much more sincere are our attempts to go out everyday not all puffed up with self pride, yet to go out with the expressed honor that all we have to give today is from our Lord. Paul has also let it be known that he cares not how he is judged by mere man but that his own judgment comes straight from the Lord. I find extreme comfort in his peace in this. Mother Teresa once said "If you judge others, you have no time to love them." As I look over my struggles along my own faith journey I reflect the times I judged. (Way too many) It was a struggle and a burden. As Paul says leave it for the right time and the only Judge that matters, the Lord. Judging is hard work and I am glad to work towards relieving myself of the judgment and loving more and trusting that the Lord will do all the work.