Acts Chapter 24

Acts 24 finds Paul detained, listening to the charges brought against him by Tertullus, a lawyer. I find it laughable yet smart as Tertullus begins his rant with praise for the judge by giving compliments referring to his reign.  Guess you could call it priming the pump among other things. The charges were, stirring up trouble and starting riots among the Jews.  When Paul was allowed to address the court, he spent the time proving that he was not guilty of what was said about him.  He gave specific accounts that could be verified where the charges against him could not. And so it goes today when we try to give testimony to others about the love of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.  It so scares others at times, so they start to share their beliefs which are contrary to the truth of who Jesus was and still is.  Felix must have been curious about Paul's testimony because he brought his wife in to listen to Paul as well.  Felix also kept bringing Paul to him to hear his words again and again.  Sounds as if Paul plead  his case well enough to plant a seed possibly in Felix???  Can we be as faithful to Christ when we are asked to explain our joy and belief in our faith?  I pray that we all show our love and loyalty for Jesus as we become spiritual seed planters as well.