Romans Chapter 7

This passage reminds me of the hope of the Gospel and the importance of evangelism. 

After walking with Christ for many years, It's easy to forget what it was like living as a slave to sin. The inner emptiness and longing that was ever present no matter what experience or pleasure I tried to fill it with. I would set goals and declare I’d never do certain things again... and then, in the moment, the thrill would overtake reason and I’d forget my commitments over and over again. I was a slave… and deep down, I knew it. I needed a Savior.

The hope of the Gospel is life to the thirsty. God chooses to use us, His children to be His messengers.

Which brings me to the E word… Evangelism. It can be an intimidating word and sometimes carries many misconceptions. I’ve heard many well-meaning believers say things like “oh, thats for the professionals”, or “I need to go to seminary before I do that”. However, thats not the way God intended it. 

I think its time we reframe “evangelism" and replace it with the words “guide”. 

A guide is someone who advises or shows the way to others. Evangelism is simply guiding someone to the truth, and that truth when found, will set them free of the slavery of sin. Being a guide isn’t complicated, its sharing your experience and insights into what you’ve already found.

Motivated by love, we guide others to Jesus. Through compassion, we guide people out from of the grip of sin, into the arms of the Savior, Jesus. Humanity needs Christians to step up and be unashamed of the Gospel. The freedom we have experienced is the gift of God to ALL mankind. Its Gods will that none should perish, but that ALL would come into relationship with Him.

Are you a guide? Are you actively looking for opportunities to share the hope you have found in Jesus? Be generous, the worlds needs you to be.


Romans 7:25 - "Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!"