Acts Chapter 14

In Acts 14 Paul and Barnabas are continuing their first missionary journey starting in Iconium which is a town in what is now Turkey.   Paul and Barnabas went to the Jewish synagogue and preached with such great power that a great number of both Jews and Greeks became believers.  However, there was a mob of both Gentiles and Jews, whose minds had been poisoned by the Jews, who plotted to attack them.  After learning of the attack, Paul and Barnabas fled to the surrounding towns and continued to preach the Good News.  The Lord gave the Apostles great power to do miraculous signs and wonders, and when they started using those powers the locals were amazed and started offering sacrifices to them.  The Apostles were so dismayed by their actions that they ran into he crowds telling them that they were just humans and they were there to bring them the Good News not to be idolized.  After some Jews from Iconium show up and swayed the crowd to stone Paul, he had to flee again. 

In this chapter you see such a dichotomy of good and bad.  The Apostles were so successful in making new believers, but there was still that faction of folks who continued not to believe.  Through it all the Apostles continued to be faithful, preached the Good News, encouraged the believers, and endured unspeakable hardships.  This reminds us that we can’t give up no matter how hard it becomes.  We will be rewarded in the end.  Praise God!