Acts Chapter 10

The other day I was driving home.  As I turned right to get onto the free way and started to merge left I got stuck behind a slow driver.  The driver seemed to be going unusually slow.  Out of frustration I said out loud, “Come on… let’s go grandma!” Finally, I got to a place in the road where I could pass and I flew by. As I passed, I honked my horn. I started to make my way to the left lane and before I knew it, there was a motorcycle that flew passed me.  The sound of the motorcycle startled me and I said, “What? Are you crazy?” 

In case it’s not clear, I have a problem controlling my emotions with people on the road.  I realized that based on what they were doing, or even how I perceived what they were doing, I was judging them.  I was placing them into specific groups based on what I saw from my perspective.  I think we all do this much more often than we think.

In Acts 10, God brings two unlikely people together, Cornelius an Italian-Roman Centurion who oversaw about one hundred men and Peter. The Jews despised the Romans for the occupation of their land.  They believed that God would send a messiah to come and destroy the Roman Empire. God was working in the lives of both men to bring them together and ultimately bring Himself glory.   

God calls us to lay down our prejudice.  God calls us to love and allow ourselves to be used by Him.  The God we serve has come, died, and rose again for all men. Our world is very divided but the Kingdom of God is not! As the people of God lets adopt His heart for the world so that we can live and love like He does.