Luke Chapter 5

Luke 5 is action packed with drama and spiritual momentum!  Peter is schooled in fishing by Jesus and is humbled in public. Peter was a fisherman by trade.  He is stubborn and outspoken. HIs part of the Luke 5 story speaks to the importance of being willing to follow God’s directions even if they sometimes are contrary to my/our best thinking.   The many miracles, people exhibiting faith for healing others simply because of Jesus reputation on the ‘street’ are all there. The result of belief in Jesus as Messiah continues to grow.  The spiritual sparing between the Pharisees and Jesus is energetic and intense. Those skirmishes warn of religion taking over grace, mercy and kindness.  I think what stood out with all this action and activity was this one sentence in verse 16. 

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

Where did Jesus get the stamina and energy to care for so many?