Luke Chapter 19

Today’s reading reminded me of what I read in Mark 11 as Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  This chapter speaks to me about how Jesus was received then.  Some people accepted Him honorably, some were angry and wanted to kill Him, and some were just curious.  I wonder if Jesus were to come to San Jose, how would we receive Him?  Would He go to church?  Would He go to a bar?  Would He go to a homeless encampment?   Would the media be there?  How would He see our church CotC?  Would He be overturning our tables (our programs, activities, services?)  I think of what Jesus said as He drove out the money changers, vendors…”my house is a house of prayer” and try to understand…”you have made it a den of thieves…”  Have we taken away what the “real” purpose for being a church is?  We have great programs, activities, and fellowship but are we bearing fruit? I think in some ways yes we are, but in Mark 11 Jesus cursed the fig tree for just showing its leaves and not bearing figs.  Are our programs, activities, and fellowship just showing nice leaves?  I appreciate my participation in the New Testament Challenge as it forces me to think and involve others in the reading of Scriptures.  I just pray that this will bear fruit in leading others to become serious about being followers of Christ by reading and hearing about what it is to being a follower of Christ means from the Scriptures.  It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will open my eyes, ears, and heart to be more conscious of who God puts in my path each day, and be sensitive and bold enough to share my faith with them.