Luke Chapter 8

Another feast from the Bread of Life Himself.  As a kid, I was really afraid of storms.  The flashes of lightning and the cracks of thunder left me completely fearful until they were over.  I remember being around family or other people that thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and I thought, "How can you enjoy FEAR!?"  I remember telling the Lord I didn't want to be afraid of storms, but wanted to be at peace and maybe....just maybe actually enjoy them.  I can tell you my Sweet Jesus did that to the fullest extent. I love a good thunder storm.  The sight, the fragrance, and the sound of it up to the very last distant thunder rumbling as it rolls away.

In Luke 8:22-25, the disciples went through a very dramatic storm so intense they thought they were going to die!  (And these guys were used to storms and challenges on the sea) This experience ends with them "fearful and amazed" saying to each other, "Who is this?!  That He commands the winds and the water and they OBEY HIM?

Go back to the beginning of this event when Jesus says, "Lets go over to the other side..." How many times has Jesus led us into life journeys that we have no idea where this will lead to?  Jesus doesn’t give us the details or what will become of it, but when God gives a promise He already knows what is on the other side and what storms, learning, faith, and "refining on the way" it will take to get us there.

And while we watch the rain pour on us, the water rising around us, the winds gusting, the lightning cracking and the thunder booming, we turn to Him and call on our Mighty Master who speaks to the situation, "deals with the problems and causes" and calms the chaos.  What panics me, does not panic God!

Eventually, Jesus taught me instead of being on the side of fearing the storm, turn myself in perspective to the other side and see that the power of that storm is on my side.  I learned to see the might of the thunder and the power/quickness of the lightning was a great picture of God’s power, and that is Whose side I am on during my own life storms. 

Let us keep in mind that spiritual problems only respond to spiritual weapons.  So when you are on the other side, and Jesus has cleared out whatever doesn’t need to be in your life, and has calmed the chaos in you or around you,  may you stand in honor and amazement of what you learned of Him.