Luke Chapter 11

In today's chapter, Jesus gives clear insights into the power of persistent prayer, and He helps us understand God as a loving father. 

If you have children, I’m sure you can relate to Jesus example of responding due to persistence. Almost every day my children will ask me for something… a new toy, a gadget, something they’ve seen on a YouTube channel and decided they MUST have. However, I have learned to receive the ask and usually, I respond with a “we’ll see”, or “maybe?”

You see, their pattern of asking over time has shown me that, “yes” at that moment they really do want the thing they’re asking for, but the next day comes and they’ve forgotten about it and moved onto something else they now desperately need. Knowing this pattern, I usually wait until to 5th or 6th time they ask before I consider or respond in detail. Often I might have a discussion with them and help strategize ways they can use pocket money or do more chores to raise the needed funds. Many times this kills the conversation right there. However, I’d say follow through is maybe around 2-3%. I use this strategy as a kind of litmus test to see how much they really want the object or thing in question.

As a father, I want to give great gifts to my kids… it's my joy to do so and brings me great pleasure. But a good father has to determine what his children really want or need, from all the fluff and distraction.

How many times do I act like my own children when I make requests to God? If I’m honest with myself, I’m embarrassed to say it's all too often! My heart wavers in determining the things I need and want and my requests sometimes reflect a divided heart. 

God wants to give us good gifts. he wants to shower us with the things our hearts deeply long for. May we be bold in our prayers and persistent in our passion.