John Chapter 20

I thank God and his disciples for the gift of the bible. As i read and study John 20 I realize what a loving and caring Abba Father God is. Always laying down all that we need to follow him and live a God centered life. As this scripture reveals, Jesus in the flesh was there to give some final support to the disciples as he was about to send them on their way to spread his word. He rose from the dead and left signs to help them to believe the Resurrection. His burial wrap was not ripped off but left as a cocoon to show them no ordinary person came in and took his body. Only he himself could have done this. He appeared to Mary so she could spread the word that he had risen. When Thomas (acting as I and so many of us have in the past) doubted the reports of the risen Lord, He in his loving and understanding self appeared to Thomas and showed his wounds and invited him to touch them. Jesus was not disappointed in Thomas but understood his skepticism. He knew this is what Tomas needed so he would be loyal to him and spread the Lord's word. And so he is still with us. Such a loving Dad. He welcomes our doubts as he knows that if we do not stop here and search out answers to our doubts, it will result in a stronger faith and a platform for us to go out and disciple others. So how does the Lord provide for us today? He lays the most powerful book into our hands. A book that is full of stories, parables and eye witness accounts of teaching that leads us to the Lord. Let us all put our hands out, accept the challenge and read this gift to us from the Lord, the Bible.