Revelation Chapter 7

I once saw a painting that depicted the throne of God and before the throne was a group of people so vast that it was not practical to count. I remember the image of that painting capturing not just my gaze but my amazement. It really did get me thinking about what it will be like standing before El Shaddai, the Almighty God one day with all of His redeemed people. Even now, thinking about being in that vast crowd creates a sense of rich deep peace as well as joy in my soul, and brings a smile to my heart.

The whole book of Revelation brings a level of grandeur that is hard for my senses to take in. All of the heavenly scenes depicted and all that will happen is truly amazing.  

Here in Chapter 7, however, much of the text seems “a little” more understandable. Ok, the four angels work is a bit challenging, but the rest of the chapter conveys wonderful promises from our Abba Father, and His promises are worthy to trust and to firmly stand upon.

In verses 13 and 14 of Revelation chapter 7, we are given insight into this vast group of people who are standing in white robes before the throne waving palm branches, and from where did they come. The scriptures tell us that they are your friends and loved ones and all who have gone before us who have died in the Lord. Those who lived before Jesus and who had faith in God, and those who have died after Jesus' great sacrifice who claim His name as Savior and Lord. 

In verses 15 through 17 we are given wonderful promises that we will be protected and sheltered in God's presence. Our needs will be met as we are shepherded by Jesus himself, and we will have no more occasion or reason to cry as we dwell with God forever.  May it be so El Shaddai.  Amen