Revelation Chapter 10

Two things jump out at me in today's reading of Revelation chapter 10.

First, a reminder of the power of Almighty God. The visuals of Jesus descending from the heavens, clothed in clouds, rainbow over his head, legs like pillars of fire and a face like the sun. One foot planted on the ocean, one on the land and whose voice altogether roared like a lion, clapped like seven thunders and whispered like a dove. It's almost impossible to comprehend! However, this IS the God we serve. 

Mighty beyond measure, greater than all human understanding, more powerful than the mysteries of the universe and yet, intimate with his most beloved of all creation. His children. 

We can take great comfort in reminding ourselves of this today. No matter what you're facing this week… God IS bigger!

Second, I reflect on our desire to know prophesy, to get a glimpse of what’s to come in our lives. Most of us feel pleasure in looking into future events and receiving a word from God, and it most often brings comfort. However in this case what God revealed to the apostle, was a time to come of much suffering and pain for all of humanity as it turns away from God, and the effects are even felt in the earth. This foreknowledge turned the apostle's stomach sour as he was commissioned to go and prophesy of this destruction to the people, in hopes of turning hearts back to God.

Prophesy is good, understanding is good. May the things God reveals to us through prophesy draw us to our knees in prayer. May we have hearts that are soft to His teaching and may our souls be nourished by His love.