Revelation Chapter 9

Revelation 9 can seem like a very scary chapter for many people. When I first read it I left feeling confused, unsure, and afraid. I have spent some time listening to others speak on Revelation and studying it for myself. There is a lot if information here. Essentially it is describing a being opening the gates of hell to run rampant on the world. To most people this is terrifying. This is scary and we do not want to read this chapter or share this chapter with other people. However, if you keep reading, the beasts from the Abyss were given power and they were told not to those who had the seal of God on their foreheads. First all I notice that God gave these beings power, which means He is still in control. Secondly, He commands them not to harm people who believe and love God. This is comforting to me because literally hell will be let lose but I will be kept safe because God commands it. God is judge here and he lets the evil beings freedom to do harm. I am not one to question God’s judgment but the thing that this chapter reveals the most to me is, grace. God is judge and it is hard to read about and hard to imagine but I am reminded that that same God is also full of grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness.