James Chapter 4

"James stressed that the life of faith is comprehensive, impacting every area of our lives and driving us to truly engage in the lives of other people in the world." Chuck Swindle 

James 1-3 builds on the truth of how choosing to live a Godly life produces life changing fruit. He is very straight forward about the concept that if you truly love the Lord and choose to "do life" with Him, your choices and deeds will reflect that desire. Chapter 4 specifically addresses the "what not to do" list of how to display what throne your heart sits on.

He is addressing the church and the fighting/arguing stemming from worldly choices: lust and envy. You want what you see others have, so you fight about it. But why didn't we just ask our very generous Father for what we are wanting? Because our very wise Fathers asks us, "And WHY do you want what you are asking for?" 

Doesn't He as our good, good Father have a right to ask us this? Do we want what we ask for to build our own little world and fill our desires or to build onto His kingdom? That sure is a motive revealer!!
He asks us not to make friends with the world (and all the desires it claims to fill) because  He is "a fiercely jealous lover. What He gives in love is far better than anything else you'll find."

When in the world and trying to make fruitful choices, He asks 2 things of us: First, submit to God (not to what you want) and Resist the enemy (quit playing the field! Don't be a two-timer!) Then God stands to defend your humble state of heart and your enemy runs when he sees Who he is really up against in the battle of the choice. We get dirty as we live in the world and we need help cleaning our hearts.....so draw near to God and let Him do that......DAILY!

Church family, intentionally seek Him in all that you do, submit to how He wants to live in your life. Thats where the real change happens.

You are deeply loved and valued -- lets live like it!