Hebrews Chapter 8

It was clear that the old covenant was weak and useless because it was not based on the love of Christ. As this became obvious, Jesus talked about a new covenant. He was the true high priest and with the change of him taking on his role as high priest, rules needed to be changed. The Lord was not of the tribe of Levi but of another tribe, the tribe of Judah. This had not been done before.  This alone would have precluded Jesus from being a high priest. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross would now be all that was necessary.  What we needed was Grace, not rules and laws. Under the new covenant this is exactly what we would be blessed with. Jesus promised to put his laws into our minds and on our hearts. Then he will be our God  and we will be his people. I have hope today because of this new covenant. I will always and forever need grace. He was thinking of me long before I came into existence. Oh what  a good God we serve.