Hebrews Chapter 2

The divine order of things. Jesus did not die to save the angels from their sins.  Jesus died to save humans – all of us – from our sinful nature.  By paying the price of our redemption, we are restored into fellowship and favor with God.  

“Why is man important to you?  Why do you take care of the son of man?” (Heb. 2:6 ICB)  What we know for sure is that people are very important indeed to Jesus. So much so that he left heaven, was born of the Virgin Mary, suffered an excruciating death, was buried and resurrected. All of this for us.  When I think about how much Jesus cares for us, I wonder if we treat each other with the same kind of reverence.  Believers or unbelievers, we are only crowned with glory and honor because of the undeserved kindness of Jesus.  Therefore, we have no room to lord it over anyone.  Which brings me back to the same question…do we treat each other with the same kind of reverence that Jesus treats us?

Our home, Silicon Valley, is home to nearly 4 million people.  A veritable sea of us, everywhere you look.  Many of us spend our days inside that sea of people, in traffic, waiting in lines, riding VTA and working in large high-tech firms.  Do we just see a “sea” of people, or do we seek to view others through the lens of Christ?  

As an example, the infamous experience of being cut off in traffic.  Notwithstanding that it can be scary to have a near-accident, can we consider that the person cutting us off is one of the people that Jesus died for, one of the people whom Jesus suffered for?  While we cannot know what is on that driver’s mind, we can dial back our own reaction enough to grant them grace in the moment.  Jesus grants us grace every day.  Can we not do the same for others that we encounter?

What I find is that a stretched-thin version of myself is not equipped to do much granting of grace to anyone.  As a result, it’s vitally important that I first learn to walk lightly with the Lord, to lean on Him, seek His peace and rest in His love and in His finished work. Only then can I climb into the heavens and see people as He sees them – beloved, crowned with glory and honor, unique and holy – because Jesus made us so.