Mark Chapter 12

As I read and study Mark 12, I hear a resounding theme of Love being taught by Jesus. Love of the widow for her Lord , that she gave  so much out of so little. Such a humble sacrifice. While the religious leaders questioned  Jesus as to what was the greatest of the commandments, Jesus did not hesitate to reply, "It is love." We are to love the Lord God with all our hearts, our souls, our mind and all of our strength. He was stressing complete love. He also included our neighbors (I am assuming all people we come into contact with) were to be loved. This makes me so happy to think that right after loving the Lord he includes his children. He has made us in his image and likeness so that, in and of  itself is reason enough to heed his guidance. I recall the passage where it says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and make up a family. He must be so honored when he sees this behavior from us. Just like me, a mother, when I see my children respecting and loving one another. So, it was no wonder this chapter in Mark left me with hope, that love when practiced at all times will win out and honor Jesus as we cling to his teachings.