Mark Chapter 7

After reading Mark 7 today,  I was reminded of what I had been led to believe about being a “good” Christian.  For a long time I embraced the idea (or mis-idea) that being a Christian meant to demonstrate to others through DOING church work, getting involved in as many church related activities as possible, attending services regularly, serving on boards and committees, spending as much time in church activities as possible, etc.  Rather it is a matter of BEING than DOING. BEING  in Christ, abiding in Him, connected to the vine, spending time with Him, submitting to the Holy Spirit and listening .   Doing church work is not wrong, and it does bring a certain amount of satisfaction as long as it is done to please and honor God.  Jesus quotes Isaiah 29:13…”these people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me…”  He went on and said… “what comes out of men’s heart…” 

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit continues to break down the barriers of “mis beliefs”, those barriers, walls, fortresses within me that prevent me from hearing and discerning what He says rather than keeping me trapped in the traditions made by man.

“Holy Spirit, search me and know my heart… test me and know my anxious thoughts…see if there be an offensive (barriers, fortresses, walls) way in me…”