Mark Chapter 3

Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

“You can’t see your nose in front of your face,” this saying is what came to mind after reading this chapter. In Mark 3, we learn of the many great things that Jesus is doing and that we cannot accept the good that comes from his healing and that we would rather look for what is wrong.  How can acts of kindness cause such uneasiness? Do your feathers ever get ruffled when your plans goes array? Mine do. Sometimes I get caught up on my plans, my way, that I do not see or accept help from others. Yes, it’s difficult to accept change or letting someone else take the lead when you’re a control freak but I am so grateful that I am not alone. In this passage we discover that Jesus is healing on the Sabbath Day. His popularity has grown because of the news of his miracles has spread far and wide. The religious teachers view his good works as evil and they say, “He’s possessed by Satan.” What stands out most to me in this chapter is that we learn that the evil spirits know who he is and shriek at the sight of him. They call him by his name, “The Son of God.” How come we can’t see Jesus for who he is? Yet the evil spirits know and believe in him. Why do we see the good that Jesus is doing as bad?  We find fault in what is right or when he breaks from the rituals and goes against the religious law. Instead of seeing Jesus for who he is and accepting the good he is doing. We’d rather turn our backs, close our eyes and keep our hearts hardened to follow the rituals that keep our fists closed. Like the evil spirits, we should keep our eyes open, so that we can know and believe in him. The truth is he is good. It’s that simple but yet we make it so hard. When our hearts are open to receive, to know and to hear with is right. Then we are able to accept Jesus and his works. Let’s walk in faith with our eyes open and ready to receive.