Matthew Chapter 27

Betrayal, humiliation, and pain.  These are very raw emotions that all of us have or will endure in this life.  Jesus is no stranger.

Matthew chapter 27 paints all of these emotions on a graphic tapestry that lays bare the sad condition of the human heart.  The very men and women who saw Jesus heal the sick, raise the dead and received so much from his ministry, are the same people who sent him to the cross.

Jesus was betrayed by one of his closest friends.  He was humiliated in front of the masses as a notorious convict was declared released in his place, and the one man who could save Jesus, turned, washed his hands and handed the son of God over to the Roman soldiers.  The crucifixion bought with it the most unbearable shame, torture and humiliation that a man could endure.  All for a crime he didn’t commit!

I’m thankful that I know the ending of this story… chapter 28!  It gives me great hope that no matter what I go through in this life, I know with confidence that Jesus understands and is no stranger.  He has endured, He has overcome, and He has left us His presence in the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

In this life we are not guaranteed rescue from betrayal, humiliation and pain, but God does promise to be with us!  Take heart, be strong and look to heaven.  Next time you experience betrayal, humiliation or pain, be reminded that your hope is found in Jesus... and that Jesus is VICTORIOUS.