Matthew Chapter 16

After reading Matthew 16 and praying that the Holy Spirit would speak to me telling me what he wanted me to hear, the voice of the spirit was clear. I was once again reminded of how the Father takes care of us and makes sure we have what we need, but maybe not what we want.

Jesus tried to caution the disciples to beware of some of the false teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees. He compared the use of yeast and how it has such a huge effect, even with so little to the false teachings. Instead they misunderstood his analogy, and believed he was talking to them about forgetting the bread. The disciples believed they would not be able to eat and feed the others. Jesus reminded them of the times before when there was not enough to eat and he came through with an abundance of bread. 

How many times have I been fretting about a situation and in doubt that things will work out, when in fact I had forgotten to pray, trust, and submit? After all I cannot forget to recall at times like these how many times the Lord has taken over and pulled me through. May we never forget in the darkness what the Lord has told us in the light. Pray, trust, and submit.