Matthew Chapter 9

Just before reading this chapter I had been lying in bed praying for my mother.  Praying for her was so hard for me, I know I cannot imagine what life is like for her.  I could not put myself in the place of an 80 year old women who has lost her husband of 62 years, or who is living alone for the first time in her life, or who is having memory issues and fears that her adult children may press in and take away some of her freedoms by insisting on in-home care or assisted living.

To the bleeding women Jesus said “your FAITH has healed you”.  To the blind men (plural) who called out He said “do you BELIEVE that I am able to do this?.. and then as he touched their eyes he said “according to YOUR FAITH will it be done to you” and their sight was restored. 

There are so many lessons in this chapter where crowds of people were flocking to Jesus because people were realizing that there is no one like Him.  But the lesson that spoke to me today was, “just bring your Mom to me IN FAITH, I KNOW her needs and I have the POWER to help her”.